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About the society
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JSGS Profile


The Japanese Society of Gastroenterological Surgery



April 12, 1968



Yuko Kitagawa


Society Objectives

To promote advances in gastroenterological surgery and encourage more physicians to provide care in our field, thereby helping to foster academic achievements in medical care and the well-being and medical treatment of the Japanese people, while also encouraging advances in the research and training of healthcare employees and society members so that they can improve the medical care they provide.


Ongoing Projects

  1. Projects facilitating the presentation of reports on members’ research, academic lectures and seminars, and training programs
  2. Publication of the society’s journals, academic papers, books, etc.
  3. Projects related to the board-certified surgeon in gastroenterology system
  4. Promotion of contacts and ties with relevant academic/scientific groups in Japan and abroad
  5. Promotion of research and studies in gastroenterological surgery
  6. Provision of information on gastroenterological surgery to the Japanese people, and raising their awareness of relevant issues
  7. Other projects considered necessary to achieve JSGS goals



 1967   Charter of the Japanese Society of Gastroenterological Surgery written
 1968   Japanese Society of Gastroenterological Surgery founded, first General Meeting of the Japanese Society of Gastroenterological Surgery held
 1969   Volume 1, Issue 1 of the Japanese Journal of Gastroenterological Surgery published, first Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Gastroenterological Surgery held
 1976   Membership of the Japanese Association of Medical Sciences
 1984   Board Certification System launched, membership exceeded 10,000
 1994   Membership exceeded 20,000
 2000   Website launched, Educational Meetings started
 2003   Incorporated status obtained (Limited Liability Intermediate Corporation), board certified surgeons in gastroenterology permitted to include this qualification in advertisements for medical practice
 2004   Publication of the Japanese Journal of Gastroenterological Surgery as an online journal
 2006   Position of President introduced
 2007   Survey of gastroenterological surgery launched
 2008   Description of specialty as gastroenterological surgery permitted, incorporated status changed (to General Corporation)
 2010   Participation in Japan Digestive Disease Week and National Clinical Database
 2011   Complete digitization of the Japanese Journal of Gastroenterological Surgery, educational lectures (e-learning) launched
 2012   Japanese Society of Gastroenterological Surgery Award established
 2013   NCD Annual Report published, participation in XML Scholarly Publishing Association, online conference system introduced
 2014   Electronic voting system for directors and President introduced, Society of Surgical Oncology International Career Development Exchange Program launched
 2015   Quota for women councilors set, use of English in slides for presentations at General Meetings, joint symposia with the Society of Surgical Oncology launched, JESUS(Japanese skill education for young gastroenterological Surgeons) program launched


Number of members

19,936 (physicians and medical researchers who are in agreement with the aims of the society)
Number of JSGS members who are board-certified surgeons in gastroenterology: 7,954
(Updated to April, 2021)


Executive Council, etc

Directors: 14
Auditors: 4
Councilors: 358
Honorary Members: 53
Emeritus Members: 214
(Information updated to April, 2021)


The annual fee:
Members  10,000 yen
Councilors  18,000 yen
Honorary Members and Emeritus Members   Exempts

The fiscal year:
May 1 to the following April 30


JSGS office

Axior Mita 6F, 3-1-17, Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0073, JAPAN

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